Benefits of having a beautiful, lush, healthy lawn:

  • Oxygen - 25 square feet of healthy lawn produces enough oxygen to sustain one person each day.


  • Temperature - In summer, a healthy lawn can have a cooling effect of two to three whole degrees.


  • Pollution - A lawn absorbs gasseous pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, and traps dust and dirt from the air.


  • Fire Retardation -  A healthy lawn, when maintained properly, helps prevent fire from spreading to homes and outbuildings.


  • Water Quality - The lawn's layers of thatch and roots act to prevent soil erosion and to filter contaminants from water runoff.


  • Noise Reduction - A thick, lush lawn absorbs loud noises from vehicles, equipment, and environmental activity.


  • Aesthetically  - Having a lush healthy lawn gives a home curb appeal, and increases property value 5 - 15%. It also makes for a beautiful backdrop for celebrations, get-togethers, or even just relaxing.



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