Grub Control

Grubs are a perennial pest that attack warm and cool season turfgrasses. Grubs are the immature stage or larvae of a variety of beetles. The beetles lay eggs under the turf surface, and when the eggs hatch, the larva feed on turfgrass roots often causing extensive damage. It is important to identify the pests as soon as possible to avoid damage. Symptoms are similar and can be easily confused with certain lawn diseases or drought. Turf that is infested may feel spongy or give a spotty discolored appearance. Sampling is a good way to test and find them. In the areas where they are present and feeding the turf can be rolled back like carpet, usually revealing the pests. Often animals will dig up turf looking to feed on the grubs resulting in even more turf damage, so it is very important to treat for them at the right time.


We offer a preventative treatment for grubs, or if they are actively feeding we use products that work instantaneously.

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